My mission is to help preserving
and creating video messages.

With over 10 years experience in the Video Production Services we are very passionate about what we do. We take great pleasure in working with people capturing, preserving, and restoring those special moments caught in time. We use the latest equipment to create modern and professional presentations. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the smiles on the faces of our clients as they view the end product.

The Memory Box specialises in preserving, creating and editing videos for both business and personal use. Film and photos can deteriorate in quality as they age and get lost or damaged. Videos, however, can be backed up on both hard copies and online so you have a high-quality version no matter what happens.

Internet videos are an essential part of modern business marketing. This content can showcase conferences, workshops, demonstrations and testimonials. Web videos allow you to get your message across quickly and effectively to potential customers anywhere, any time.

There is no need for high production costs. Video editing is more than cutting, editing and synchronisation. We can create unique home movies using your treasured moments from old and new recordings, along with still shots, music and voice overs. We can also create a stand-alone video or a series of web videos for your website library.
The Memory Box provides a videographer, video equipment, microphones and a green screen if needed. With over 10 years experience, we are confident in producing videos that best suit your needs. We can also edit any videos that need a bit of a touch up.

Old tapes may become unplayable due to wear and tear, environmental damage or obsolete. When a DVD is scratched there is no recovery unless you can find a DVD specialist. The content can be digitally back loaded either in the cloud or on to USB so that it is stored in a safe and secured place.

If this happens you can’t watch, appreciate or share your precious memories others or reminisce. Conversions may include VHS Video, VHSc Video, HI 8 Tapes, Mini DV’s, Super 8 and Regular 8 Home Movies, 35mm slide to DVD, USB or digital backup.